Thank You To Our Returning Sponsors!

Our national qualifiers have just begun, starting with the online qualifiers for Cambodia and Laos. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors AirAsia, Charterprime, Mogu and Beyond for their continued support. Esports has swept across the globe and captivated many who are both young and young at heart. Fans all over the world gather on streams and events to watch their favorite esports athletes compete to be recognized as the best.

We believe that esports can contribute to many different aspects of society because of how it brings people together. It is our goal to foster young talents and build character by offering this platform to become a professional. Our sponsors also share the same goals as they provide flights, financial services and network connectivity which are an important part of the esports infrastructure.

This year, we have something planned that will surely #electrify audiences during the WESG Southeast Asia Regional Finals. We hope that our fans continue to support us as we continue to bring you Southeast Asian esports.

As an end note, good luck to all the players competing in WESG Southeast Asia 2019. See you at the world stage!